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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. right now at 10:00. the rough landing for a flight that left from a local airport. >> plus, bear sightings in northern virginia neighborhoods. where they were spotted and what to do if you come across one. >> and the feud between ted cruz and donald trump has taken another nasty turn. your news starts right now. and we begin on the campaign trail with the crazy week in the race for the gop presidential nomination taking another twist. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. >> and i'm tony perkins. terrorism and the economy have taken the back seat as donald trump and ted cruz feud over the so-called war of wives. and now there are allegations of infidelity. fox 5's tisha lewis joins us tonight with
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>> what a day and now the bition question tonight will this impact the cruz campaign. the report surfaced in the national enquirer and spread like wild fire. the accusation is cruz had extra marital affairs with five women. it has people talking including the candidates. now though the women were not identified, their partially disguised faces were plastered on the paper's front page. above the pictures was this headline, shocking claims. five secret miss stresses. the report cites unnamed washington insiders who says private detectives are digging into at least five affairs that ted cruz supposedly had. cruz wasted no time denying allegations. >> it is a story that quoted one source on the record, roger stone. donald trump's chief political
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adviser. let me be clear, this national enquirer story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> i had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it and not as yet read it. likewise i have nothing do with "the nation enquirer" and i do not surround myself with political haks and henchmen and pretend total innocence. while they were right about o.j. simpson, john edwards and many others, i certainly hope they are not right about lying ted cruz. here's some thoughts. >> it's unfortunate that that's what it
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discredits the whole election in general. >> it seems like tabloid news sources seem to be telling some actual real stories which is again kind of surprising. that's the surprising thing that's come out of this election season. >> i hope that it is something that if it's true that he talks about, but it's kind of a circus and nothing seems to matter. >> this report is a combination of a week full of mudslinging. just three days ago both candidates were attacking each other's wives. trump reportedly accused cruz of reporting a nude photo of his wife and trump threatened to spill the beans on cruz's wife and now this. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> new at 10:00, a rough landing for some passengers aboard a jet blue flight. the plane which took
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washington national airport had a landing gear malfunction. pilots landed the plane using the aircraft's rear landing gore. -- gear. luckily there were no reports of any injuries. >> we are seeing our first video from a dc police body camera. the video captures an arrest of a robbery sus pekd. this happened on wednesday. police say they responded to a robbery in southeast. when officers arrived they found a man with a knife standing over the victim. the officers quickly arrested the man and no one was hurt. police have identified the suspect. he is charged with assault with intebt to commit robbery. we have some sad news to pass along tonight. a woman injured in a fire has died from her injuries. you may recall she was trapped on the third floor.
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and risked his own life. he took off his oxygen mask and gave it to her to help her breathe. she was eventually pulled to safety. the 64-year-old suffered smoke inhalation and relatives tell us she passed away last night. >> metro service is back to normal tonight after a fire shut down parts of the orange and silver lines earlier. the tunnel fire sent smoke into the metro station which had to be evacuated. firefighters quickly put it out. metro says this was not an electrical fire. they say debris was to blame. this comes a week after safety concerns closed the entire systems for a day. some riders say they're concerned. >> we were heading to the washington mall and we were going to take metro. unfortunately metro is down so probably taking uber or lyft. >> very disconcerting, delays, problems with tracks and most recently of course the fires. >> also today metro's acting chief safet
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hisresignation. lou brown has been in the role for six months. >> fairfax county consider yourselves on alert. police say there have been several reports of bear sightings recently and they are not deep in the woods. jennifer davis reports from vienna, virginia. >> reporter: whitney is talking about thursday morning, when she and her husband glanced out their kitchen window only to discover it looked like someone had a wild party overnight on their patio. >> we were kind of confused at first but i had heard there were bears in vienna and that was my first thought. >> reporter: a quick peek outside revealed they were still there. >> sure enough two black bears kind of were walking through and one looked to be a mom bear, kind of adult sized bear. >> reporter: the bears were just
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backyard fence and a sound wall for i-66 just feet from their back door. >> they had stolen a bag of bird seed from our cabinet and dragged it into the woods with them and the baby went over and was playing with the bag and eating from the bag and they kind of roamed around and eventually disappeared. >> you would expect to hear a sighting like this coming from someone who lives in the woods, but this is one of several recent reports coming from a residential neighborhood and other neighborhoods. fairfax county police say two black bears were seen crossing the road wednesday morning and there was a sighting of a bear and cub as well. don't panic if you see bears. >> i wasn't too nervous because i think that they probably would be more scared of us if we ran out there. but certainly wanted to keep our distance. >> that is the best advice from police. keep a respectful distance if yo
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anything from your yard they might view as food. >> we need to clean up the mess and once they learn there's nothing here they probably won't come back. >> reporter: in vienna, jennifer davis, fox 5 local news. >> it's a holiday weekend. we've got to make sure the weather cooperates. it looks like it's going to do just that. current temperatures across the area into the upper 40s and the 50s pretty much everywhere. 54 degrees right now in the city and 56 at quantico, 55 for annapolis. your overnight low will be 42 degrees. winds are picking up a little bit so we'll see a little difference in them as we move into the overnight hours with clearing skies but it will be cool. overall, what are we talking about? a pleasant easter weekend and no shortage of sunshine, i'm happy to say. back to you. >> coming up next, the moving final farewell to a fallen
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george's county. >> also tonight a strange case of suspected road rage. the victim tells us how it all played out. >> and we're also catching up with a man who is walking across america. he was here in our area today with an important message. and later the reunited guns and rose.
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there was an emotional memorial today for a fallen prince george's county police officer. friends, family and fellow officers attended the funeral for jacai colson this morning. he was killed by friendly fire earlier this month. today he was praised for his courage and remembered with
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love. ♪ ♪ ♪ the good times that made us laugh. >> he dedicated his life to making this county safe and he died protecting others, all of us. >> the guy was not just your son, he was our son. and it hurts when we lose someone from our ranks. but when we lose someone who has devoted their life to protecting us, and their loss is in the line every duty, it hurts in a difficult way that we can't begin to describe. the men and women who protect us do so with a sense of unintended and unintentional valor. >> his friends recall his smi
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his wonderful sense of humor. when many would run from danger and adversity, jacai ran toward it. where others would back down in fear, he stood on the front lines. >> we stand here today looking at true heros of america that represent this red, white and blue. i want to by my heart thank everyone come with the same style heart, a jacai-style heart. >> since the day that we lost jacai, we have wondered why did this happen. how did this happen. these questions rip at our heart, because we can't understand why our friend, our colleague, our brother, our protector, could leave us so soon. >> my
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just like everybody who spoke of the wonderful things of my son, he was special. he was special. >> he was a good man. i love him. i will never forget him. he was a cop's cop. rest easy. >> officer c colson will be definitely be missed. dc police have announced a shooting that shook up a neighborhood 23450erly a year ago. kenneth parker is charged with the october 2014 on hayes street. three people were shot and
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nine-year-old. he was standing at a playground when he was shot in the head. he miraculously survived that shooting. zblrl kenneth parker is facing nine counts of indictments for that shooting. i spoke to jay den's mom earlier this afternoon where she was on her way to the doctor's with her son, who as you would imagine with such a serious injury, still continues to have problems, health problems, because of that injury. >> chief lanier says parker was already in jail on unrelated charges. the chief also announced today detectives have made arepresents in six murder cases. >> a virginia woman is under going a mental evaluation. a man told police he was driving north on route 123 when a woman reportedly crashed into his car from behind.
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and tried to get to safety. he got out of his car and says the woman tried to run him over. >> i don't know her or anything. i don't know why she choose to do this. the comments that she made, she didn't know me from all. she said i'm from isis. i need to go back to my country and she told some witnesses that i had been following her since 3:00 in the morning. >> at this point police say no charges will be filed against the woman. >> we now know what may have caused comedian garrg shandling's death. doctors believe the 66-year-old died of a heart attack. he apparently had no history of heart trouble. he was taken from his los angeles home by ambulance for an unspecified medical emergency and pronounced dped dead at hospital. a coroner's official said he died of natural causes and no autopsy is planned. >> still to come, we go on a stroll with a man who's
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across america. >> microsoft tries an experiment on twitter and it goes horribly wrong. we'll show you what happened as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them.
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an amazing story tonight about one man's love for his dying sister. >> his journey began nearly two weeks ago in delaware and he's hoping to raise awareness and save lives. our photo journalist has his incredible story. >> i woke up with about 30 something msed phone calls and i knew something was wrong. i called my mom. i just knew. i knew what it was. i said is brittany alive and she said no. and that started the worst day of my life. i'm walking across america. i'm doing this in honor of my
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sister brittany. she died of an overdose in march of 2014. she started using heroin just a month or two before she died. my sister was the closest person in the world to me. some people thought we were twins. when brittany walked into a room, it lit up. i think of my sister every day. there's not one day that goes by that i don't miss her. i started in delaware. i finish on the pacific coast in san francisco. in october or november when i get there. somewhere around 3,200 miles. i'm getting a lot of support from good friends. today i'm walking with a good buddy of mine. he picked me up and let him stay at his house, dropped me off at the same place and even decided to walk with me today. since i've started this walk, everybody i talked to tells me that i'm glad you're walking through this area because it's such a bad area. that started in the beach in delaware through maryland through dc, over the mountai,
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into virginia. this is affecting everywhere. it's affecting your neighborhood. i have to worry about bears, mountain lions, wolves, people, weather is a big concern. it's going to be hot in kansas, cold in the rockies. just got to go. a lot of people have a story of people with addiction that are still living but fighting really hard. today's my 13th day and the people that i've met have been amazing, from friendly strangers saying hello to mothers that have also lost somebody driving two hours away to come pay for a hotel room. i've had people that are struggling with addiction contact me and tell me that i am motivating them to stay clean and sober. i had no idea that that would happen. i had no idea i would be that impact on somebody. i want people to know how many people are dying of drug overdose deaths in this country.
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it's drug overdoses everywhere. and it's more than 130 people a day. that's a lot of families that are hurting. it's a lot of people dying. i want people to know that. i want it to stop. i want it to reach a tipping point. i don't know how. i'm lost. i don't know how. i'm just trying to walk the walk. >> doing what he can to keep his sister's memory alive. >> i like him. i like how he expresses himself, the things he's saying. wish him a lot of luck. coming up next, why the uss isis has been dealt a major below. >> incredible religious artifacts were on display in dc. we'll take a closer look coming up.
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>> a aplane
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landing in the bahamas. a landing gear malfunction as it approached the runway. the pilots were able to land the plane using only the landing gear. no injuries were reported. funeral services were held today for a fallen prince george's county police officer. jacai colson was killed by friendly fire earlier this month. he'll be buried monday in his home state of pennsylvania. and residents in the vienna area of fairfax county are on high alert tonight after black bears have turned up in their communities. so far there have been three sightings in the past week. no one has been hurt. police say if you see the bears don't panic but also don't get too close. >> we now turn to the brussels attack. prosecutors confirm one of the suicide bombers at the brussels airport was the suspected bomb maker in laugh november's terror
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attacks in paris. police in brussels conducted a number of raids today looking for any possible accomplices from tuesday's attack. >> the capital of europe was a war zone today. a brussels neighborhood sealed off by dozens of police. explosions heard, shots fired, three terror suspects arrested in various locations. the locals were rattled. >> two shots. two shots. the second shot was sniper shot. >> reporter: this to a raid police said they broke up another terror plot against france. two fugitives are being sought directly involved in the bombings at a metro station and at the airport as two americans were confirmed among the more than 30 dead. several are still missing. 12 americans were
10:31 pm
including mason wells, a mormon missionary from utah caught up in the airport bombings. >> i remember seeing fire in front of my face and also kind of fire down by my feet on the ground. we were really close. i feel lucky to have escaped what i did. >> reporter: in brufrls today secretary of state kerry paying his respects, meeting with belgian and european officials. we pressed him on whether the obama administration's slow and steady approach to dealing with isis was now enough. >> don't we need to pick up our pace? >> we are picking up our pace. the president has put special forces on the ground in syria. we are more engaged with more people doing more things than we ever were before. >> reporter: secretary kerry claimed to me that an increase in isis-backed tacks is a
10:32 pm
of added pressure on the battlefield. little consolation for folks close to home feeling caught in the cross fire. >> the u.s. has killed another high-rinking isis official the ash carter announced u.s. special operations forces killed the chief finance minister of the terror group who had a $7 million bounty on his head. carter says it is part of a systematic process to eliminate isis's cabinet. >> millions of christians around the world marked this good friday here in the district, thousands of catholics joined together to witness one of the holiday's most sacred ceremonies, the stations of the cross. church leaders walk and recreate the crucifixion. more of
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collection. >> reporter: today's the church's observance of good friday. the passion and death of jesus. we have a collection that was donated to us several years ago. this collection has relics that begin with a particle from the table where the lord's supper was celebrated on holy thursday and goes all the way through to the burial of jesus after the crucifixion. the relics and the veneration of relics is an old tradition in the church to lead the faithful back to the sacraments. it is monumental in that it is a total collection. it is the story in relic from beginning to end. i had
10:34 pm
turnout, but it's far beyond that. we are past 200 visitors per hour. it just brings you into closer contact with that story of salvation history. we endeavor to offer the faithful something that is extraordinary, and this is extraordinary. >> special day and a special weekend. >> certainly. coming up next the rolling stones are making history tonight in cuba. >> plus kevin mccarthy sits down one on one with the new batman, ben affleck. >> if it's pay day, it's spending day. according to a new study, more than half of working americans boost their spending by 25% on days they get a paycheck. it's mostly spent on t
10:35 pm
food, drinks and entertainment. meantime the economy growing nearly 1.5% in the fourth quarter getting a jolt from holiday shoppers. that number was slight more than expected but still a slower pace from prior months. and mcdonald's is expanding its breakfast menu. this coming after a successful test run in a bunch of stores in oklahoma. and listen up, someone might be coming after your easter candy in your own home. according to a new survey, eight out of ten parents steal candy from their kids' easter baskets. you've been warned.
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♪ start me up
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>> i like the stones. >> i know you do. >> history was made earlier this week when president obama became the first sitting president in 90 years to visit cuba. >> tonight another historic moment is taking place as we speak. the rolling stones are performing in havana before tens of thousands. it is the rock group's first trip ever to cuba. this is not footage from tonight. mick jagger says the stones have waited a long time for this moment. >> times change and everything so we're very pleased to be here and i'm sure it's going to be a great show. >> it was considered illegal to listen to rock and roll music under fidel castro's regime so tonight's concert is a breakthrough. even better, the concert was free. >> we know people that have already
10:40 pm
beautiful it is. >> you're just going to see that blossom. >> speaking of rock and roll bands, guns and roses is getting the band back together. ♪ welcome to the jungle >> the hard rock group confirmed it's going on a reunion tour. the band will hit 31 north american cities this summer. it will feature axl rose and slash for the first time since 1993. >> if you're a fan of that band, that is a big deal. because there have been different versions of the band but the two of them haven't been together in a long time. >> and we do understand they are going to come here but we just don't know the dates that they're going to be here. >> they'll probably be on "good day dc" sometime. >> really? >> you never know. >> come up at 11:00. are you one of those people who take pictures of everyin
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eat and post it on social media? a new study says it may be good for you. >> and after a long week it's time to relax and say cheers to the weekend! tonight we go under the big top as we welcome back to the show patrick flattery. one of the many restaurants participating in the ring ling brothers red nose happy hour on march 31st. he's going to show you house to make elephant punch.
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it is a brave new world when it comes to getting money at an atm. dozens of banks now allow you to use your smart phone to withdraw money. all customers have to do is display their phone instead of their debit card. security experts say this is a smart move. banking apps are efficient and custom
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that long to get access to their money. from a smart phone to not such a smart idea. microsoft has pulled the plug to an artificial intelligence robot on twitter. >> fox's jonathan hunt reports. >> reporter: microsoft's experiment to put an artificial intelligence chat robot that sounds like a teen girl on twitter started off taming enough with an opening tweet can i just say that i'm stoked to me you. humans are super cool. but the split personality that could would say reflects the twitterverse soon began to surface. within 24 hours the tweets were saying chill i'm a nice person, i just hate everybody. from there it went downhill
10:46 pm
fast. bush did 9/11, hitler did a better job than president obama and, quote, donald trump is the only hope we've got. microsoft's engineers are obviously very smart but it seems even they may have underestimated their, shall we say, the miss ch-- miss chicago variousness of the internet. and microsoft admitted in the station, as it learns some of its responses are inappropriate and indicative of the types of interactions some people are having with it. we're making some adjustments. i second a direct asking are you okay. within seconds a tweet came back, saying, quote, forgot i had my annual up great
10:47 pm
appointment today. at the engineers, but i'll ttyl. for anyone who doesn't know what that means, ask your kids. in los angeles, jonathan hunt. >> what does ttyl stand for? >> you don't know? >> i don't know. >> talk to you later. >> that is a funny story. >> i thought siri was scary. >> she's mild compared to that. >> speaking of mild, our weather has been pretty mild. >> it has been. and it's a holiday weekend and it's just thumbs up in terms of weather. >> it's going to be cooler though, right? >> it will be but we've got plenty of sunshine to talk about for your holiday weekend. so here's a live look outside. no, it's not a live look outside. what is that? it's cherry blossoms. >> what else. >>
10:48 pm
and it is the peak blossom period, that's absolutely right. perfect weather this weekend to go down by the cherry blossoms and see them down by the national monument. absolutely beautiful. and all those colors of those blossoms is always just perfect for taking photographs. so hopefully you'll get down there and you will enjoy it. we've got to talk about the wind a little bit tonight because they are going to pick up and hopefully they won't be too much of an issue for the weekend which i don't think they will be for the cherry blossoms. but as far as the winds are concerned tonight, they are starting to pick up a little bit. the easter weekend has lots of sun with it. the temperatures into the 60s as far as the weekend is concerned and that is going to be really, really nice. because we are talking about a little cooler than it has been, but take a look. 63, 68 degrees not bad at all. it's going to be comfortable out there. but showers return for easter monday. so we get most of the weekend dry but then we run into some wet weather. so we're going to have a little combination of everything. current temperatures right now,
10:49 pm
54 at dc, 48 at gaithersburg, we've got 46 at frederick this hour, 52 at baltimore, 56 at quantico and 49 degrees at culpeper. so let's take a look at the wind gusts right now. not too bad from 16 to 25 mile per hour winds gusts across the area but we'll see them start to subside once we get into the area tomorrow so it won't be all bad. ridge of high pressure in control but that gives us mostly clear skies tonight but we do have that cool northerly flow. it will be a little bit chilly once we get into tomorrow as well because the same ridge of high pressure is going to be sitting over us right through until the rest of the weekend. for tonight, temperatures to the north and the northwest into the 30s. not quite as chilly in the city, we're talking into the low 40s and that's the same story to the southeast. so that ridge of high pressure will hold its stead for plenty of sunshine as well on saturday, same story on sunday where we're talking mostly sunny skies. we'll keep an eye on this system that's goog to move its
10:50 pm
toward us and that's going to bring us wet weather. that's going to start to kick in in the overnight hours of son, but we are talking a showery easter monday for you. that's when you have to keep the umbrella handy. we're talking low 60s everywhere, 61 at gaithersburg, 63 in the city, 63 at drus and 64 at mannasas. culpeper at 65 degrees and here's a look at the times that you're heading down to see those kbs. by the 3:00 hour it will be about 60 degrees and cooling down a little bit by the 6:00 hour to about 58. so 42 degrees for tonight, a cool wind from the north, 10 to 20 miles per hour. for tomorrow that ridge of high pressure does hold its stead so we are talking sunshine with a few high clouds at 63 degrees. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. monday is the day where we are going to see some showers, pretty much most of the day so just keep that in mind. as far as easter sunday is concerned, we're going to have real
10:51 pm
easter bonnets out there. it cools off a little bit into the week. >> at least we got the weekend. >> it is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. "batman versus superman dawn of justice" hit theaters today. our own kevin mccarthy gave it a big thumb's up. he sat down with batman himself who is really ben affleck. >> when you say the line "tell me, do you bleed, you will." >> tell me, do you bleed? you well. >> how do you say it on set? do you say it in your normally voice and they digitally render it? >> the idea behind this is because he's this public face, well-known, he uses, there is a
10:52 pm
disguises his voice. otherwise people would go that sounds a lot like bruce wayne. i performed it and we could fool with it how it sounded using the computers later to adjust it. >> so obviously you look back at the adam west batman totally different from what you had here. it's a lot darker obviously. if you could see those two batmans talk, obviously different generations, what do you think they would talk about? >> i actually watched them a fair bit because my son is really into them and he likes watching them and the movie, they did a full-length movie and i watched that recently. and, i don't know what they would talk about. there is something that still remains the same about this character. since its inception in the '30s. the idea of a guy who has this secret identity that he fights crime at night and nobody knows about him. he takes on the
10:53 pm
city. that allure seems to have endured. >> the scene that geeked me out the most the warehouse scene where you come up through the ground. when you throw that guy's face. >> that was amazing. >> how did that work? >> that guy was just like -- it wasn't into a board but he's got thrown down. those guys, i tip my hat those movies get made because a lot of stunt guys work really hard and will take some hits. sometimes there's no way to fake it. there's some guys who really took some big shots to make it look cool and we owe them a big debt. >> it's amazing you hear about some of the injuries. >> that shot is incredible and that guy's head goes through the floor. >> can't wait to see it.
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
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itsz crazy to consider a season where maryland the terps might be the most disappointing 27-win team in college basketball history. they were seen as a fashion championship favorite. they fell apart down the stretch. the meltdown reached new lows in their 16-point loss to kansas last night. the terps didn't hit a shot from the field.
10:58 pm
27 points. all tournament maryland had a killer cocktail. the tournament shooting 23% from behind the arc. in spite of the disappointment. >> i'm proid of my group for what they did and we fought till the end. we just couldn't get it going in the second half. it was a fun team to coach. enjoyed coaching these guys. and wish we were still playing but lost to a great team. >> the terps were one of the most talented teams in college basketball. they're going to have to say good-bye to a lot of that talent. the heart and sole of the team, he's going to be a draft pick first two rounds. what about the other
10:59 pm
starters. iowa state 84-71 to advance to their first elite in 24 years. >> the last three to beat iowa state all won it all. >> interesting. maryland last night seemed like they got out classed. >> they did. it was just that stretch. people who were at the game were saying players when they couldn't hit a shot for 6 minutes of the game, each time a senior would try to rally the troops. they would get nothing.
11:00 pm
was silent. they just knew. >> the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> right now at 11:00, more fireworks on the campaign trail as more allegations are directed at texas senator ted cruz. we'll tell you what they are and what they could mean for his campaign. >> more problems for riders today after a fire broke out inside a tunnel. this as word comes that metro's acting chief safety officer is stepping down. >> and for the first time, dc police have released video showing an arrest being made while one of their officers wears a body camera. all that and more as the fox 5 local news at 11:00 starts now.


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